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A Safe Forum

If you are going through a divorce, you may feel that you are alone with nowhere to turn. JDAC is here to help. JDAC offers in-person support that is free from judgment or stigma. JDAC’s professional staff deals exclusively with those who face the challenges of divorce and offers a confidential forum to provide support and guidance. JDAC’s staff is well-versed in the issues relating to civil divorce and the get, and understands the emotional and logistical angst that is inherent to the process of dissolving a marriage.

Referrals to Couple's Counseling When Desired

If you still want to work on rehabilitating your marriage, JDAC can refer you to professional therapists who specialize in marital counseling.

Referrals to Social Services and Legal Professionals

JDAC believes that a holistic approach to the divorce process increases the likelihood of reaching an amicable and timely resolution to the contentious issues of a divorce. Towards that end, our staff assesses each individual and couple’s needs to build a professional support team that will work collaboratively with JDAC. Such support may include: social workers, therapists, financial planners, legal mediators, and divorce attorneys. JDAC liaisons with the supporting professionals to ensure that divorcing parties receive adequate assistance and guidance. (JDAC may liaison with legal professionals, but does not provide any direct legal representation.) When necessary, JDAC refers to cost-sensitive professionals who operate on a sliding scale.

Assistance Through the Halachic Divorce Process & Guidance to Facilitate the Issuance of the Get

While navigating the American civil divorce process can be daunting and complicated in and of itself, the requirement of a get can compound the stress and complexity of an already challenging process. JDAC assesses each case individually to develop a timeline and strategy so as to ensure the prompt and unconditional execution of a get. JDAC liaisons with batei din (rabbinical courts) and guides spouses or couples through the beit din process in order to effectuate the issuance and receipt of a get.

Informal Mediation Services

JDAC is aware that civil ligation can be extremely costly and lengthen the divorce process significantly. For couples who are open to mediation, JDAC offers a limited range of informal mediation services within our offices. JDAC also provides referrals to formal mediators and to mediation centers in the Greater Los Angeles area.

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